Imagine the set of a sitcom; a room designed around camera angles and a studio audience.

Imagine a coat rack, a couch, a refrigerator. 

Imagine there’s lots of stuff in the room. And people.

Imagine a group of friends.

Imagine the room is flayed open on one side.

Imaging being outside the room looking in.

Imagine being invited into the room, gently coaxed, like a cat.

Imagine being in a cameo role on a popular TV show.

Imagine a fan fiction.

Imagine Sakari.

Don’t imagine problematic plot lines about airplane hostages, ladies of the night and haunted psychiatric hospitals.

Imagine working as a team of specialists investigating a mysterious case.

Imagine working as a team.

Imagine Elina throwing her arms up and exclaiming ‘god damn it!’.

Imagine you are able to escape.

Imagine you did escape.

Imagine being free.