Juuso Tervo is a Senior University Lecturer at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. His research and writing combine historical, theoretical, and political inquiries in art and education, drawing from fields such as literary theory, poetics, philosophy of education, and philosophy of history.

Jaakko Pietiläinen is a Helsinki-based artist working with video, performance and installation. His works are often site and/or situation specific, operating in an interplay of the factual (or the real) and fictional narratives. Pietiläinen is interested in the technological infrastructures of contemporary cultures, how they subtly reshape realities and how they malfunction and create novel, uncanny aesthetic distortions. Lately he has been working with architectural thematics. Pietiläinen holds two BA degrees from the Aalto-University and he is finalising his MFA studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

Elina Vainio is an artist who builds installations and other spatial formations from sparse elements. In her works she seeks to point toward ideas of life's inherent instability, limits of perception and ambiguities of language. Vainio lives and works in Helsinki. Vainio’s work is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Sakari Tervo currently works as the lecturer of exhibition studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts. Tervo has done independent curatorial work with a series of online publications and has been an active member of the artist-run spaces Sorbus in Helsinki and Titanik in Turku. “I’m interested in collaborative processes and rethinking the concepts ‘alternative’ and ‘experimental’, as I feel these notions are easily subordinated to the so-called mainstream practices. I am motivated in questioning and parasitising dominant conventions to find new, diverse approaches for artistic work. For me, art is a social weave where other possible worlds exist.”

Man Yau lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Yau’s works thread a balance between traditional methods and craftsmanship and industrial, detailed form and quality. She graduated with a Master’s degree from Aalto University of Art and Design specialising in ceramics and glass. Currently she is finalizing her second Master’s in sculpture at the The Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts. Her works have been seen recently at Outo Olo in Helsinki and at Boy Konsthall in Sweden. Yau’s work is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Greta ja William Lehtinen Foundation.

Hermanni Saarinen works with sculptures that refer to buildings and architecture. These sculptures look a bit like crumbled castles or bunkers that have survived from some catastrophes; time and history are present in the skin of a building/sculpture as holes, cracks and eroded structures. Saarinen has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. His latest exhibitions are A Construction Site at Monitoimitila O. and Titanik gallery inTurku, in 2021. He also operates as a member of an artist-run space Monitoimitila O. Saarinen’s work is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Jussi Niskanen lives and works in Helsinki. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. He has participated in several group shows and held numerous private exhibitions, his works are included in public and private collections. His artwork is almost exclusively two dimensional, mainly paintings. He likes to take it as easy as possible.


Invited artists, artworkers and performers: 

Heidi & Kaino Wennerstrand

Biitsi is an artist duo from Helsinki. In 2020, they made works for ANTI festival and YLE radio about the seniorization of Finland. Biitsi is currently composing music for Anna Torkkel's upcoming choreography, while Heidi plans her debut solo exhibition and Kaino is preparing a new performance.

Jaakko Rintala studies Aesthetics at the University of Helsinki. He is currently interested in questions and possibilities relating to the subject and community as well as memory and literature. Moreover, the points of intersection between these areas has been the emphasis of his research lately, especially those of youth culture, influence, remembrance and mourning. Rintala’s work is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Jessie Bullivant is a Helsinki-based artist, writer and cultural worker originally from [so-called] Australia. They make work with language, institutions, and other people. Bullivant’s work is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Escape Room Helsinki.

Rosa Kuosmanen, Viivi Poutiainen, Anu Pasanen & Sanna Lipponen

EDIT is an online journal founded in 2014, focusing on contemporary art, artists, exhibitions and current cultural phenomena. EDIT is run by four regular contributors, and also commissions articles from other writers. 

Alec Kyle Sibbald was born in England to parents from Scotland and the Caribbean. Alec has been living in Finland for the last 8 years and currently works as an English teacher in Helsinki. He also writes and produces music as "To Feed A Neon Forest", and "Alec Siskin"; co-hosts the Disco Volante radio show on IDA Helsinki, and occasionally works as a freelance writer.