Kudelma zine


We are pleased to uncork KUDELMA zine which is the first part of our upcoming art event taking place at PORUKALLE – our open-ended artist studio in Helsinki, Finland – in August 2021.

Call it an atelier, office, factory, workshop, lair, or even a Wunderkammer, PORUKALLE is a unique and private site of creation and artistic production. But first and foremost, it's an important space for coming together. Last year, we decided to put together an event and invite others to participate in the creative act that this space is, whether as contributors or as guests.

KUDELMA (eng. weave) zine is one vast pdf-page where you can roam & forage through the invited contributions by Biitsi (Heidi & Kaino Wennerstrand), Jessie Bullivant, Jaakko Rintala, and Alec Kyle Sibbald, as well as “in-house” contributions from the Porukalle gang ;) It is a preliminary rehearsal for a two-day reading occasion organized as part of the event in August.

The upcoming event and KUDELMA zine are funded by our BOOM Basket initiative. Many thanks for all who purchased our baskets <3

On Valentine's Day 2021

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Jussi Niskanen
Man Yau
Elina Vainio
Hermanni Saarinen
Jaakko Pietiläinen
Juuso Tervo
Sakari Tervo